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Coronavirus Covid-19 statistics

Total infected with coronavirus
Have died
Have recovered
Percentage of coronavirus deaths 5.37%. Coronavirus still affects 73.66% of people affected.

The number of COVID-19 patients doubles in seven days

The number of COVID-19 patients has doubled during the week.
While on March 22, the number of Covid-19 infected reached 300 thousand, by March 28, more than 600 thousand were diagnosed. If the growth rate is the same as today, the number of infected will be over one million in a few days.
Now is the time to introduce total quarantine, otherwise, we will have a disaster on a scale of which we will deal with the consequences for a long time. It will never be possible to return those we loved back. Even more terrifying is the realization that all of these deaths could have been avoided by observing elementary social hygiene and skipping a party or supermarket visit.
As of March 28, 134279 people have recovered from the virus while 445211 are still infected. The bad news..

The Covid-19 coronavirus breaks the threshold of 300,000

On March 22, 2020, Covid-19 had over 300,000 confirmed patients.
These days, the number of deaths in China from the Covid-19 virus was surpassed. This happened in Italy, where the number of deaths is currently 4,825. We recall that in China the number of deaths was 3,265.
At the moment there is no indication that we have reached the peak of the disease. With each passing day, the number of newly discovered cases continues to increase.

The same situation is with people who are currently ill. Their numbers are increasing day by day.

In order to be able to determine that the coronavirus situation is starting to improve, it is necessary to wait for the concomitant illness to begin to decline. In order to completely overcome the virus, it has to be..

The number of people recovering from Covid-19 is increasing

[Good news] The March 20, 2020 statistics show that the highest number of people recovering from Covid-19 coronavirus in one day has been achieved. On March 20 4538 patients have recovered.
Only 2952 (18.03) and 1318 (19.03) recovered in the previous two days.
Covid-19 infection has taken over the world and everyone is looking forward to when it will be defeated.
As of March 20 250602 cases of Covid-19 were detected worldwide. The number continues to rise. On average 27960 new cases are diagnosed every day. The growth rate is stable and is not starting to..

Advice on protecting yourself against COVID-19 coronavirus

The Covid-19 Corona virus has shaken the world and is considered one of the grandest events of 2020.
Don't go out of the house unnecessarily and don't meet your friends in person. Use your phone.
Observe distance from other people. Covid-19 is mainly distributed through sneezing. Danger distance up to 3 meters. Keep at least 3 meters away from others if you need to leave the house.
Avoid queuing at the store. There may also be someone in the queue who can infect you.
COVID-19 virus can be ALSO ON SURFACES
A sick person can infect others by leaving a virus by sneezing on surfaces - door handles, desk surfaces, public transportation, and anywhere else. After contact with different surfaces, wash hands immediately with a special disinfectant..

What does astrology say about bank loans?

Lending is a relatively old business. Loan contracts, mortgages were already known in ancient Rome. On the one hand, well-considered loan is good because it helps you achieve your economic goals faster, and on the other hand, it is a problem if borrowing has been a bad move.
How does astrology look at loan?
From an astrological point of view, loans are ruled by 6th bhava (house) - this is always a problem area. What this means practically - if a person has a weak 6th bhava, or is affected by evil aspects of papagrahas or otherwise badly affected, then the loan will lead to problems - for example, a person will not be able to give back loan and will lose his property.
This also applies to other aspects of bhava,..

How to determine a future child's birth time in the horoscope?

The child's waiting time begins to come to an end. At this point, the question may arise - how to determine the moment when a child will be born. Let's look at the techniques of Vedic astrology.
A horoscope has to be made according to the Saayana system.
Make a mother's horoscope. Determine the ruler (bhavesh) of 5th house (bhava). Find the location of bhavesh in horoscope. Also determine the position of the Sun and the Moon in the horoscope.
The location of the Moon in transit (gochara) will determine the birth of the child. We will have to look at the trikona bhavas. Trikona bhavas are 1st, 5th, and 9th. Trikona means Triangle.
When a child will be born?
The child will be born when the Moon (Chandra)..

European Parliament elections from astrological perspective

European Parliamentary elections in 2019 took place for 2 days - Saturday and Sunday, depending on the country. In vedic astrology tradition is important to select good Muhurta - favorable timing for the event to be successful.
A very important element when choosing a good time is the choice of the day of the week. The symbol of power in the Vedic tradition is the Sun. This applies to all types of power - including the government.
Is Saturday a good day for elections?
No. Saturday is a particularly unfavorable day for everything related to power. Saturday is ruled by planet Saturn or in vedic tradition more known as Shani. Shani is the son of the Sun and Chaaya (fake copy of his wife Sanjana). In Vedic astrology, Shani is..

The most beautiful places in Europe you must see

Europe is the most diverse and definitely richest cultural continent with stunning nature and unusual places.
Coliseum in Rome, Italy
You must not miss the Coliseum, especially now that visitors are also allowed to see the corridors below the floors where gladiators and animals went to the arena. This coliseum is the largest amphitheatres of all time that was build during the Roman Empire.
This coliseum is the largest amphitheatres of all time that was build during the Roman Empire. 
The Coliseum had seats for more than 50,000 spectators.
Address: Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Rom RM, Italy
Height: 48 m
St. Peter's Basilica or Vatican Basilica
This is Rome's Pope's home which attracts around 7 million visitors each year. It is..

What is needed and not before the child is born. Mommy's suggestions from around the world.

Until the baby is born, the family needs to get so much. Without a few things you can't do anything, while others, though advertised and recommended by the seller, are quite unnecessary and totally absurd. Going to the store spontaneously, there is a risk that you will come home with a beautiful, but perhaps not too practical purchase - says Mom, who has 4 children.
Before you go to buy different things for your baby, ask yourself - is this and that really necessary? 
What to include in a child's purse? 
One of the most important things in a child's robe is clothes - a jacket, a hat and a blanket. The thickness of the clothing depends on when the baby is born - in winter or summer. Parents should remember when buying..

Cheap surveillance cameras from China for your home security

Have you ever thought about installing a surveillance camera in your house? Many people think about it.
Installation costs can be up of a couple of 100 to several thousand dollars. However, a smart buyer needs to know that the most expensive is not always the best.
There are several reasons why to buy a surveillance camera from China and not from a local store. Here are the reasons.
Chinese cameras have all the important surveillance functions
I have installed a Chinese camera in my house that captures all the events in the house. They have a motion sensor. They perform motion photo and video capture. You can get a photo by email or directly on your smartphone. These cameras can trigger alert messages in application on your phone. Only..

Free will astrology

This article will be about a free will from the perspective of astrology.
In the modern world, a variety of activities have become popular where psychologists teach people that their free will determines everything. All you have to do is to want and everything will happen.
If everything were so simple, everyone would be rich, healthy, always young and live forever. However, everything in life is the other way around.
Why is this happening? Are there really no examples of success?
In order to find out the answer to this question, we must get to the basic principles of astrology or karma.
Human life is the reflection of human consciousness. Human karma is recorded in the consciousness of man in the form of sanskarah or fine vibrations.
All the events that..

Two parts of the year and the connection with the life expectancy of a person

In vedic tradition, the year is divided basically into two parts - a period when the days become longer, and the period when the days become shorter.
The first part is called uttarayana (sanskrit: उत्तरायण), second - dakshinayana (sanskrit: दक्षिणायण). These periods are usually observed in either the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere. There are places on Equator, where the whole day of the year is longer than the night, but we will not consider these exceptional cases.
Spring and autumn can be seen in a mirror image of Northern and Southen hemispheres of the Earth.
We currently live in the last of 4 Yugas - called Kali Yuga. Duration of Kali Yuga is said to be 4800 years. Total duration of all Yugas is 12000 years. That means that our civilization lived on

Short astrological prediction for 2019 for the United States of America

Location for analysis - Washington, because it is the Administration Center of USA, date 01/01/2019 00:00:00.
Everyone wants to know about money, economics.
The economy will be strong, but its growth rate may decrease. There are some negative trends in money matters. Whole Year 2019 will be around money. Bank business looks stable and growing. There will be some kind of fluctuations in real estate business. There will be questions about the statuses, which will not look as good as one would like. There will be a lot of conflicts with neighbors and partners.
In general, the year will not be very favorable. The results will be lower than one would like, and not what one would..

Is it possible to have a good relationships from an astrological point of view?

Astrology is a science that studies karma of different people. In short, the answer is - no, it is not possible. Want to find out why? Read whole article.
All people on the planet fulfill their pre-arranged karma to gain their karmic experience. The karma is fixed at the moment of birth and can be read by an astrologer. If it were not, no astrologer would ever tell you anything.
This means that a person's life is like a pre-recorded movie, but he's just like a onlooker who looks at it all on the screen.
From a karmic point of view, every person who enters a person's life gives him some karmic lesson. Every person is a teacher. What kind of karma brings teacher? That is a good question, so..

Ayurveda: How to use milk properly?

Ayurveda is part of the Vedic knowledge. Translated from the Sanskrit word ayurveda (आयुर्वेद) means - science of health. This is one of vedas. Ayurveda basically determines what a healthy and correct food is for a human being.
Let's talk about milk this time.
Milk is a food but still we can drink it.
Milk and the cow
Milk is obtained from the cow. You can not force a cow to give milk, the cow itself gives milk. Through the cow, the donation principle is implemented. The cow is donating her milk.
The cow never gives milk before she was born a calf. The cow gives milk to her child because of love. This means that milk is a product of love. Through the giving of milk, the love principle is implemented - to give with love.
Milk and f

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