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Free will astrology

This article will be about a free will from the perspective of astrology.
In the modern world, a variety of activities have become popular where psychologists teach people that their free will determines everything. All you have to do is to want and everything will happen.
If everything were so simple, everyone would be rich, healthy, always young and live forever. However, everything in life is the other way around.
Why is this happening? Are there really no examples of success?
In order to find out the answer to this question, we must get to the basic principles of astrology or karma.
Human life is the reflection of human consciousness. Human karma is recorded in the consciousness of man in the form of sanskarah or fine vibrations.
All the events that..

Two parts of the year and the connection with the life expectancy of a person

In vedic tradition, the year is divided basically into two parts - a period when the days become longer, and the period when the days become shorter.
The first part is called uttarayana (sanskrit: उत्तरायण), second - dakshinayana (sanskrit: दक्षिणायण). These periods are usually observed in either the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere. There are places on Equator, where the whole day of the year is longer than the night, but we will not consider these exceptional cases.
Spring and autumn can be seen in a mirror image of Northern and Southen hemispheres of the Earth.
We currently live in the last of 4 Yugas - called Kali Yuga. Duration of Kali Yuga is said to be 4800 years. Total duration of all Yugas is 12000 years. That means that our civilization lived on

Short astrological prediction for 2019 for the United States of America

Location for analysis - Washington, because it is the Administration Center of USA, date 01/01/2019 00:00:00.
Everyone wants to know about money, economics.
The economy will be strong, but its growth rate may decrease. There are some negative trends in money matters. Whole Year 2019 will be around money. Bank business looks stable and growing. There will be some kind of fluctuations in real estate business. There will be questions about the statuses, which will not look as good as one would like. There will be a lot of conflicts with neighbors and partners.
In general, the year will not be very favorable. The results will be lower than one would like, and not what one would..

Is it possible to have a good relationships from an astrological point of view?

Astrology is a science that studies karma of different people. In short, the answer is - no, it is not possible. Want to find out why? Read whole article.
All people on the planet fulfill their pre-arranged karma to gain their karmic experience. The karma is fixed at the moment of birth and can be read by an astrologer. If it were not, no astrologer would ever tell you anything.
This means that a person's life is like a pre-recorded movie, but he's just like a onlooker who looks at it all on the screen.
From a karmic point of view, every person who enters a person's life gives him some karmic lesson. Every person is a teacher. What kind of karma brings teacher? That is a good question, so..

Ayurveda: How to use milk properly?

Ayurveda is part of the Vedic knowledge. Translated from the Sanskrit word ayurveda (आयुर्वेद) means - science of health. This is one of vedas. Ayurveda basically determines what a healthy and correct food is for a human being.
Let's talk about milk this time.
Milk is a food but still we can drink it.
Milk and the cow
Milk is obtained from the cow. You can not force a cow to give milk, the cow itself gives milk. Through the cow, the donation principle is implemented. The cow is donating her milk.
The cow never gives milk before she was born a calf. The cow gives milk to her child because of love. This means that milk is a product of love. Through the giving of milk, the love principle is implemented - to give with love.
Milk and f

Who is to blame for relationship problems according to vedic astrology?

This will be an article about the relationship issues from the astrological point of view. In this article you will learn about the true causes of conflicts in relationships.
The first thing to understand - all relationships are karmic. All our partners in this life are the reflection of our consciousness. Our karma is recorded in our consciousness.
What is Karma?
Karma, in a very simplistic words, is a law of cause and effect. Its goal and purpose is to teach a person something. The karma is recorded in human consciousness in the form of fine vibrations. These vibrations are called Sanskarah.
Our era is Kali Yuga
Under the Vedic Counting System, time is divided into eras - Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga.
We live in..

How Does Vedic Astrology Work?

Vedic astrology is the oldest of the existing astrological teachings. Only in the written form it is about 5,000 years old. All other teachings come from vedic knowledge of astrology.
Vedic astrology operates with planets called Grahas. Graha means - the one who holds. In our case, grahas are holding human karma. Sounds incredible? Below will be even more incredible.
Human karma is written in form of Sanskarah. Sanscaras are fine vibes. Sanskaras are recorded in human consciousness. The corresponding planets vibrations correspond to certain human vibrations of sanskaras of person in his consciousness.
How to determine what my consciousness is and what is recorded there? Very simple - look around you. Everything you..

How to protect your wireless credit card from thieves

Many of us use credit cards with a wireless feature. These cards are called RFID credit cards. This technology allows you to make payments without having to enter the PIN code. This technology is very convenient for both buyers and thieves.
The thieves can use various techniques to steal your money. One of the methods is to approach you from the back and bring the RFID payment terminal near your wallet. You will not even notice how the money will be credited to a bank account of the thief.
Protect your credit card
There are very simple gadgets that prevent from unauthorized reading your wireless credit card.

Click here and take a look at the latest protective pouches.
Protective cases are made of aluminum. Various designs and..

Review Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Kids at

Halloween comes quickly but it is difficult to find a good mask for children. A mask that loves children and is really suitable for these holidays. This will be my TOP 5 mask from
Boys Civil War Black Panther Deluxe Costume
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This halloween mask Characters is: Black Panther

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A good headset is a great sound. Super offer from Chinese stores

Everyone who listens to music every day knows how important sound is. We offer super high-quality deals at super-attractive prices.
Have you bought headphones from world-class brands like Sony, Panasonic, or others? You may have overpayed. Most of the goods are manufactured in China. Even the President of US acknowledges, China uses various technologies, possibly even illegally, taken from the United States. This means that the quality of the goods is about the same, the equivalent or even better.
We have compiled a variety of headphones from China.
Bluetooth earphone headphone sport Supporting TF FM
Headset looks very similar to models of famous companies. This one has Bluetooth, it is wireless, has resistance of 35Ω. Can be..

What to see in the Greek island of Crete?

What to see in the Greek island of Crete?

Greece's most southern island is Crete. It is located in the Mediterranean basin and is surrounded by three seas - the Cretan Sea, the Libyan Sea and the Ionian Sea. If you can imagine a paradise, then Crete might be something very close to it.
How to get to Crete?
Crete can be reached in two ways - by air and by sea.
The fastest way, of course, is by plane. Crete has two civil airports. The largest is in the capital of Crete - Heraklion, the second largest is located in Chania. A lot of tour operators offer to get to Crete very well-priced, especially if they are European tour operators.
How to choose an excursion organizer on the island?
Never use the company that brought you to the island for the sightseeing tour. The prices of..

Review of my latest purchases from

I live in Europe. I'm lazy to walk around the shops and look for the things I need, so often I buy different items in online stores. Here I will describe what I have purchased in recent months.
Fast Charging USB Cables in light blue color.
To be honest, I did not get this charger yet, but I can tell you how I was managing to buy this charger. The first thing is the buyer feedback that was 9829 with an average vote of 4.9
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Days of week and their astrological meaning

Astrology is an ancient science. Vedic astrology is especially old. Only in written form it is more than 5,000 years old. Vedic astrology is part of all vedic sciences called Sanathana Dharma.
Today we will explain the the astrological meaning of all days of week.
As you may have heard, astrology is dealing with planets. All astrology is about planets. From the point of view of astrology, we can explain everything with the planets, because the planets are behind everything.
The weekday counting comes from Vedic Astrology and Sanathana Dharma. In ancient astrology, we operate with 7 prakaasha planets and 2 aprakaasha planets. Prakaasha means - those that reflect..

Top 5 toys for kids at

I made the top 5 Aliexpress toys that kids want the most. I made the top 5 Aliexpress toys that kids want the most. Many of you have children. Children always ask for attention. Attention also in the form of new toys. The question is to buy? What is the toy whose child wants? And its the top 5 toys from
Beyblade Burst Toys
These toys originated in Japan. The Beyblade burst is also a cartoon. After the scenario, Bayblades battle with each other in an arena. The strongest wins Each Beyblade burst has different characteristics. they differ, both in appearance and in weight, as well as sharp edges. Age Range:> 6 years old
To play this game requires at least two players. Launcher + bayblade burst + arena and can start the game.
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A simple way to tie a tie

Usually before parties, social events there is panic when someone needs to tie a tie. This guide will help you to achieve the goal - tie the ties
This is the easiest way to tie a tie. Typically, this method is used by those who are only learning how to tie neckties. In the world, this method is known as the Four in Hand, or common node.
An example of how to tie a..

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