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Cheap surveillance cameras from China for your home security


Have you ever thought about installing a surveillance camera in your house? Many people think about it.

Installation costs can be up of a couple of 100 to several thousand dollars. However, a smart buyer needs to know that the most expensive is not always the best.

There are several reasons why to buy a surveillance camera from China and not from a local store. Here are the reasons.

Chinese cameras have all the important surveillance functions

I have installed a Chinese camera in my house that captures all the events in the house. They have a motion sensor. They perform motion photo and video capture. You can get a photo by email or directly on your smartphone. These cameras can trigger alert messages in application on your phone. Only thing you need - wireless internet connection at home and internet connection on the phone.

All photos and videos are stored on a microSD card. Video quality is usually HD or full HD. Many cameras have night-time infrared shooting.

All files can be accessed through the application on the phone.

You can control the camera through the phone application and see what's happening in your house right now.

Many cameras can turn on the microphone and hear what's going on. Many can also turn on the microphone in the phone and talk directly from the camera. This is a very nice feature that you can use to tell the thief that he has been filmed. I sometimes use it to talk to children. The kids think they're talking to the robot. It is very funny.

Many cameras can be connected to one application. In this way you can see what is happening in many rooms at your home. To see many cameras in one application, you need to find the right camera model you like and buy several. Cameras of different models may not work in one application. Then you will need to install a new application for each different model and it will be tiring.

Chinese cameras are cheap

I usually use different online stores, but my favorite store in China is AliExpress. I've bought 4 same type cameras. I payed about 20 USD each at different times. This price is with the shipping.

720P WiFi Home Security CCTV Camera with Night Vision Two Way Audio P2P Remote ViewThis model has sensor size 720p. The camera can be rotated 135 degrees vertically and 355 degrees horizontally.

Cloud Home Camera 1080P HD Wireless IP Security Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom Indoor Surveillance System Night Vision Motion Detection

This model is shooting in 1080P HD mode. It has indoor surveillance system and night vision motion detection. This model is a little more expensive. Viewing angle of this camera is 360°.

The price of the camera is about 55 USD at the moment.