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Covid-19 face masks in Chinese stores


Covid-19 infection began in November 2019 in China. The Chinese authorities tried to keep the epidemic within Hubei Province, but it spread uncontrollably around the world.

About three months after the epidemic began, China coped with the epidemic. According to official figures, China went through with 3,329 deaths. According to unofficial information, it is estimated that there are significantly more deaths.

After the onset of the epidemic, prices for various antiviral remedies skyrocketed. Prices were also raised in Chinese online stores. Currently, the whole world buys masks in China, including governments. There are even fights over who gets the cargo. There are reports that the US government has lifted a cargo destined for France from the front of its nose, paying three times the price. Product - 100Pcs Disposable Earloop Face Mouth Masks 3 Layers Anti-Dust Mask Face Mask Prevent Virus Mask Disposable Mask Dustproof Mask

Initially, President Trump called the coronavirus Covid-19 a Chinese virus. And there was a certain reason for this - the virus started in China and from there spread around the world. Currently, perhaps a private US corporation is buying masks in China, buying them at three times the price and then selling them domestically.

Does anyone really have questions against China and its responsibilities? China is not a democracy, except in certain regions. The Chinese government has a leading role everywhere.

In our view, the appropriate course of action from the Chinese Government would be, if not to provide compensation to the rest of the affected world, at least in the form of protective equipment, then to prevent price increases for these goods, which are vital for combating Covid-19. Product - mouth mask Men Women Cotton Anti Dust Mask Mouth Mask Windproof Mouth-muffle Bacteria Proof Flu Face Masks