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Covid-19 in the astrological view


Life is divided into cycles and can be seen very well astrologically. One of the cycles seen in astrology is related to the Jupiter cycle. Jupiter's cycle repeats itself in about 12 years. Jupiter is a planet that is positioned as divine protection.


At the maximum of the cycle (uchha) it is especially strong and favorable, at the minimum (neecha) of the cycle it is "weak" and carries negative karma. Currently, around the end of November 2019, early December. Jupiter is in its worst position. This time coincides with the initial phase of Covid-19 deployment.

Jupiter's planetary position affects the entire planet at once and affects all people who live on Earth.

Jupiter's weakness indicates a lack of divine protection. People are left to their own at this time, and all problems have to be dealt with on their own.

Ray of light

The good news is that on April 20, Jupiter will leave his debilitation sign. This may mean that there may be some turning points around Covid-19 around this date. Of course, good can never be absolute. Jupiter will return to his debilitation sign on May 23 and will be there until December 10, 2020. During this time, special care must be taken to reduce quarantine measures, as this can lead to serious consequences.

In fact, this will be a test of whether people have learned from situation with the virus. Those who have drawn conclusions and learned lessons will be fine. The rest will enjoy their bad karma until December.