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European Parliament elections from astrological perspective


European Parliamentary elections in 2019 took place for 2 days - Saturday and Sunday, depending on the country. In vedic astrology tradition is important to select good Muhurta - favorable timing for the event to be successful.

A very important element when choosing a good time is the choice of the day of the week. The symbol of power in the Vedic tradition is the Sun. This applies to all types of power - including the government.

Is Saturday a good day for elections?

No. Saturday is a particularly unfavorable day for everything related to power. Saturday is ruled by planet Saturn or in vedic tradition more known as Shani. Shani is the son of the Sun and Chaaya (fake copy of his wife Sanjana). In Vedic astrology, Shani is like the antithesis of the Sun. Saturday is good for new beginnings associated with hard work involving a variety of poor, old, sick people, etc. Saturday is not a good day to elect the European Parliament or any other parliament.

Is Sunday a good day for elections?

Yes. Sunday is governed by the Sun - the king of the planets. His mythological content is the ruler, the governor, the king. Parliament is the one who will actually adopt all the laws that will affect the citizens of the European Union, so it can be said that the European Parliament is like a king, and that is in line with the sense of Sunday.

This means that the countries that chose to hold elections on Sunday have acted correctly and in accordance with the Vedic tradition. This means that their elected Members of Parliament will bring much better karmic fruits to those countries than those elected on Saturday.

Negative Factor of Mars

On election day, the planet Mars or Mangala, which is responsible for two spheres in the European Parliament's horoscope, was in the debilitation state or neecha. 

This means that two spheres will be negatively affected, as any planet in the debilitating state will only bear negative karma. Mars is associated with army, police, crime, wars. This may mean that some karmic issues with these spheres will be actualized in a negative key. For example, if they will address the question of European Union army, this may lead to a failure of the army project. Likewise, illegal migration issues may increase during this term or they may begin to produce evil results.

Will there be any complications related to banks?

Yes. The planet that is responsible for the banks - Jupiter or Guru - is retrograde or vakra. That means there will be some problems with the banks. Because Jupiter is in his own house, it will solve the situation positively and without much loss.

Loud parliament

This Parliament will be well heard. There will be a lot of loud talk about its actions. It is determined by the fact that the moon on election day is located in Dhanishtha nakshatra, whose symbol is a large drum. This nakshatra is Rakshasa Gana that is ruled by demons.