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Free will astrology


This article will be about a free will from the perspective of astrology.

In the modern world, a variety of activities have become popular where psychologists teach people that their free will determines everything. All you have to do is to want and everything will happen.

If everything were so simple, everyone would be rich, healthy, always young and live forever. However, everything in life is the other way around.

Why is this happening? Are there really no examples of success?

In order to find out the answer to this question, we must get to the basic principles of astrology or karma.

Human life is the reflection of human consciousness. Human karma is recorded in the consciousness of man in the form of sanskarah or fine vibrations.

All the events that have occurred, happen now and will happen in future are recorded in the horoscope of birth. Astrology can read these events knowing the place of birth and the exact date and time. This means that the desires of person have such a small weight that everything that person wants or does not want is fully according to his consciousness, or other words - karma.

Does free will astrology work?

There are known success stories when a person wanted he would become rich and became rich. How it is possible? Very simple. Such event was recorded in his karma, therefor it happened in real life.

Ask yourself, how many people do you know who want to become rich, but never became rich? I can bet - many. In principle - almost everyone wants. Why don't they become rich? Because their karma does not have such sanskaras in consciousness that would allow them to materialize the energy of money in their life.

A man who wanted to become rich and became rich is holding lectures and is telling everyone that he had to do the same way as he did. Question - will everyone from audience succeed? Of course no. And the answer is karma. Their karma simply does not have the sanskaras of richness. Some of them may have such sanskaras and they will succeed. But there will be very few people that will succeed. Most of them will simply pay for the lectures and stay even poorer.

The second reason why free will does not work - the human mind is controlled by the manas, which is ruled by the Moon in astrology. The moon is changeable and volatile. Half a month it is ascending, the other half - descending.

One day a person wants one, the other day no longer wants what he wanted yesterday. For example, if everything happened as a person wanted, then, after a dispute with her husband, the wife would like her husband to be dead. The next morning she would regret her desire. This is one of the reasons why the control of human desires is left to the planets who control everything according to human karma and not to the desires.