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Google Hangouts scam from Africa


I will tell you about one fraud scheme I encountered on the social network Instagram.

An unknown woman writes a friendly letter on a man's profile on Instagram. She says she is from Dallas, that she is lonely and looking for new friends. At the time the letter is written, local time in Dallas is 5 am. After a few courtesy phrases, the young lady starts asking if I like sex. She then offers to switch to Google Hangouts and go to the bathroom. To understand what fraud is being offered, I agree to add a lady's profile to Google Hangouts.

After joining Google Hangouts, the new lady makes a call where she can be seen in her clothes. She then takes off her shirt and stays topless. I am then invited to go to the bathroom and show my cock. I say I'm not home alone and can't show anything.

Then the young lady makes another call where takes off her panties. Then I am again asked to show the cock.

This way, several times they show me video as it was a live stream, but the video quality is very poor, which makes me think that it is a prerecorded video used for fraud, because no conversation takes place.

Then when they don't get a picture of my cock, I am called gay.

During the conversation, texts appeared in different languages, English and French, which suggest that the conversation is conducted in a semi-automatic mode with the help of bots.

I think that people who get caught are screen recorded and the videos they make are either used against them as blackmail or sold to pornography sites on the internet.