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How to protect your wireless credit card from thieves


Many of us use credit cards with a wireless feature. These cards are called RFID credit cards. This technology allows you to make payments without having to enter the PIN code. This technology is very convenient for both buyers and thieves.

The thieves can use various techniques to steal your money. One of the methods is to approach you from the back and bring the RFID payment terminal near your wallet. You will not even notice how the money will be credited to a bank account of the thief.

Protect your credit card

There are very simple gadgets that prevent from unauthorized reading your wireless credit card.


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Protective cases are made of aluminum. Various designs and colors are available. After purchase, check in the store whether the protective wallet performs its function. Make a payment with your credit card, which is placed in the protective wallet. If payment is not possible, then you may know that the protective wallet protects your credit card.