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Proper eating according to ayurveda - timing


Mostly people eat everything in a row, without paying attention to proper eating. In this article, we will tell you the basic principles of proper timing of eating.

Our organism is alive. It lives in accordance with the principles of nature. It does not matter if we know or do not know it, whether we follow the rhythms of nature or not. As long as we follow the rhythms of nature our health is excellent, we are not suffering and can live in full. As soon as we begin to violate the rhythms of nature , we face a variety of health problems.

Correct daily rhythm of the body in eating matters

After awakening, our body needs water to lubricate and start working. The body needs water. The body does not care where to get water. Water can be obtained from drinking or eating. If we do not drink enough water in the morning, we really want to eat.

The body does not fully wake up in the morning, so the stomach also does not work well yet. Everything we eat in the morning, stays in excess fat, or stains somewhere else in the body. And that's all because we eat in the morning, not drink.

Water - warm or cold?

Our body is warm. Usually it is 98.6°F or 36.6°C. Inside the stomach is even warmer. How do you think - is there a shock to the stomach when something cold is poured into a warm stomach whose task is to process warm food?

Is not the task of stomach to heat the food. It is very good to give the stomach what he wants. And he first wants a warm meal or a drink. Therefore, the answer to the question asked is to drink warm water.

When can you eat the first meal?

According to the Vedic teaching, one has to wake up shortly before the sunrise. This is a very beneficial time called Brahma Muhurta. After that you have to drink water.

After 11am local time you can start eating. In this meal, one third of the daily dose should be eaten.

The second meal is after 2 p.m. In this meal, you need to eat the largest daily dose - 2/3.

It is not recommended to eat after 6pm.

Why does the stomach start working at night?

Many people have noticed that at night around 1 a.m.-2 a.m. stomach begins to work. It's natural and normal. During this time, the body processes all that food that was not able to absorb during day time.

When should I drink water?

Water is such a thing that never is too much. You can drink water all the time you want it. The body tells you when it's necessary to drink water. Note - that very often when you want to eat, actually you want to drink. Learn to understand your body.