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Short astrological prediction for 2019 for the United States of America


Location for analysis - Washington, because it is the Administration Center of USA, date 01/01/2019 00:00:00.

Everyone wants to know about money, economics.

The economy will be strong, but its growth rate may decrease. There are some negative trends in money matters. Whole Year 2019 will be around money. Bank business looks stable and growing. There will be some kind of fluctuations in real estate business. There will be questions about the statuses, which will not look as good as one would like. There will be a lot of conflicts with neighbors and partners.

In general, the year will not be very favorable. The results will be lower than one would like, and not what one would expect. There will be a lot of business linked to oversees countries including earlier mentioned different kind of problems and conflicts.

Year will not be easy. Be safe!