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The Covid-19 coronavirus breaks the threshold of 300,000


On March 22, 2020, Covid-19 had over 300,000 confirmed patients.

These days, the number of deaths in China from the Covid-19 virus was surpassed. This happened in Italy, where the number of deaths is currently 4,825. We recall that in China the number of deaths was 3,265.

At the moment there is no indication that we have reached the peak of the disease. With each passing day, the number of newly discovered cases continues to increase.


The same situation is with people who are currently ill. Their numbers are increasing day by day.


In order to be able to determine that the coronavirus situation is starting to improve, it is necessary to wait for the concomitant illness to begin to decline. In order to completely overcome the virus, it has to be noted that there have been no new cases within 28 days.