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The number of Covid-19 infected worldwide exceeds 10 million


On June 27, the number of people infected with Covid-19 exceeded 10 million.

About 160 thousand new cases are detected every day. The number of sick people is increasing by about 64 thousand every day.

The disease is spreading very fast and the reason for this may be that people are already tired of being careful.

In the United States, despite the President's claims, the number of infected is increasing day by day. In June, the number of being ill people increases by an average of 7.6 thousand per day.


The leaders in new discovered cases on daily bases are the United States, followed by Brazil, Russia, India and the United Kingdom.

According to the number of deaths in one day, TOP 5 Countries are - Brazil, Mexico, the USA, India and Chile.

In Europe, the TOP 5 in terms of deaths per one day are made up of Russia, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Romania and North Macedonia.