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The number of COVID-19 patients doubles in seven days


The number of COVID-19 patients has doubled during the week.

While on March 22, the number of Covid-19 infected reached 300 thousand, by March 28, more than 600 thousand were diagnosed. If the growth rate is the same as today, the number of infected will be over one million in a few days.

Now is the time to introduce total quarantine, otherwise, we will have a disaster on a scale of which we will deal with the consequences for a long time. It will never be possible to return those we loved back. Even more terrifying is the realization that all of these deaths could have been avoided by observing elementary social hygiene and skipping a party or supermarket visit.

As of March 28, 134279 people have recovered from the virus while 445211 are still infected. The bad news is the growing trend of newly registered infections.

Dynamics of the number of Covid-19 sufferers by date

On March 28, record of new infected was reached. More than 65 thousand new cases were detected.

New Confirmed Covid-19 Cases By Date

Today, the United States has the highest number of registered infected persons. More than 100 thousand cases have been identified. This is more than in Italy, which had previously taken the podium.