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Top 3 traditional food products of greek island Corfu


If you are planning your vacation on the greenest island of Greece – Corfu, you definitely should think about what you have to buy in Corfu. We suggest for you three food products from Corfu, which are not only very tasty and healthy, but also are perfect as souvenirs.

Olives and olive oil

Olives trees are probably the most circulated culture on the island, therefore there are lot of product of olives. These products are for external either internal use. For external use there are such products as soap, shampoo, body lotions, dishes and sculptures from olive tree etc. For internal use – of course, olive oil, olives and even olive jam.

If you decided to buy olive oil, here are some recommendations. First of all, you should choose oil in the metal bottles, not plastic. Oil quality is better in metal bottles and don’t worry about this bottle to put in your check-in bag.

Second recommendation - carefully read information on the bottle. In Corfu you can buy olive oil, for example, produced in Crete, this oil will be also very good, but probably it will be better to bring from Corfu olive oil which was produced in Corfu.


In Corfu you can buy Corfu type olives. Corfu type olives means that they are small olives, which grow on island. Locals say, that they eat only this type of olives, because of taste and amount of vitamins. Olives are being sold in vacuum packages, so this souvenir is easily transportable and take up little space. The best thing is ingredient list of the product - there are olives, salt and that's it! No preservatives, colorants, vinegar or something alike. This product is good and really healthy.


Koum quat

Corfu is one of the few places in the world, where koum quat grow. Koum quat is small citrus fruit. Fresh koum quat is bitter, therefore there are many of sweets and liqueurs with koum quat. You can buy loukoumi or jam, but we recommend sugar candy fruit. There are two types of candies. One of them ususally are being sold each in separate packages, and they are more wet, and other type – dry candies, as you can see at the pictures. These candies have amazing and unforgettable taste, but our advice is don`t eat more than 2-3 balls at once, otherwise you may feel thirsty.


Coffee Loumidis or ΛΟΥΜΙΔΗΣ

Coffee Loumidis is traditional coffee of Corfu. It is easy to recognize - it is packed in green package with parrot. This coffee is pride of people of Corfu. And really, coffee has strong taste, unbelievable smell and it is special with its floury consistency.