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What does astrology say about bank loans?


Lending is a relatively old business. Loan contracts, mortgages were already known in ancient Rome. On the one hand, well-considered loan is good because it helps you achieve your economic goals faster, and on the other hand, it is a problem if borrowing has been a bad move.

How does astrology look at loan?

From an astrological point of view, loans are ruled by 6th bhava (house) - this is always a problem area. What this means practically - if a person has a weak 6th bhava, or is affected by evil aspects of papagrahas or otherwise badly affected, then the loan will lead to problems - for example, a person will not be able to give back loan and will lose his property.

This also applies to other aspects of bhava, which may include deterioration of working conditions, deterioration of health, emergence of new diseases, and escalation of conflicts in life, including those involving the police or bandits.

However, if in the horoscope of individual the 6th bhava is strong, then there is no reason to believe that loan will always bring bad karma, bad situations. Such people can safely take loans because they will be able to repay them. However, if they are unable to repay the loans, the situation will be resolved to their advantage.

On what days is it better to go to the bank to talk about loans?

Money and banks are ruled by 2 planets - Buddha (Mercury) and Guru (Jupiter), therefor - the days are they are Wednesday and Thursday. The day on which the person was born - for example - Friday, can be said to be favorable to man to talk about loan.