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What is needed and not before the child is born. Mommy's suggestions from around the world.


Until the baby is born, the family needs to get so much. Without a few things you can't do anything, while others, though advertised and recommended by the seller, are quite unnecessary and totally absurd. Going to the store spontaneously, there is a risk that you will come home with a beautiful, but perhaps not too practical purchase - says Mom, who has 4 children.

Before you go to buy different things for your baby, ask yourself - is this and that really necessary? 

What to include in a child's purse? 

One of the most important things in a child's robe is clothes - a jacket, a hat and a blanket. The thickness of the clothing depends on when the baby is born - in winter or summer. Parents should remember when buying clothes for a newborn, that it is not necessary to make 15 sets of clothes, because the first clothes for the baby will fit only for the first, second month only! 

The next important purchase is a bed for a baby - a crib or a cradle (or a big basket). The crib should have a mattress, a blanket, a sheet, and it is very important not to put a pillow! At the age of one year a pillow can be offered for your baby.


It is very important not to put a pillow!


An important thing that must necessarily be is a car seat for your baby. It must be taken with you to the maternity hospital.


Car seat for your baby. 


Trolley - the baby's first car - as easy as possible, easy to operate and maintain.

When these things are done, you should also think about purchasing baby care and hygiene products - diapers, cotton swabs. You will also need a baby soap and a shampoo.

Parents often go to the pharmacy before the baby is born to buy not only hygiene products and ointments, but also various anti-colic and other preparations. I recommend to be careful with medication and buy them only when the need arises, consult a doctor - perhaps your baby will not get a stomach pain and no medicine will be needed.

Many mothers also buy a sling to carry a baby - this is especially useful if the baby is restless. It is important to teach to tie the sling and carry it properly.

 A sling is useful if the baby is restless!

While waiting for the baby, women should also take care of themselves - buy a bra for breast feeding, breast pads, and a breast care cream for breastfeeding. Changes are also needed for the new family home - a place to feed your baby comfortably - either a rocking chair or a bed and a sofa that is comfortably loaded with pillows on the backrest. For a more comfortable breastfeeding, a special horseshoe or a big ball will also be useful, and later on the baby will be able to exercise on it. There will also be a need for a surface where the baby is serviced daily - a baby table for child care.The table for child care should be comfortable high, as the child should be cared for often.


The table for child care should be comfortable high, as the child should be cared for often!


Young parents buy a lot of unnecessary and unnecessary things for the baby - even dangerous to health! For example, soft toys. The child really does not need plush bears and bunnies loaded with a full crib. It is also not necessary to buy a milk pump, scales, tea for a child and various items that may be useful but more often not used repeatedly. Before you next purchase for a child, ask yourself - for what purpose does it serve? How big is a chance that we really will need it? Can we buy it when it really needs it? For example, many families admit that they can do without colored plastic baths. While the baby is small, he can be washed in a large plastic bowl and later washed in the large family bath.


Young parents are advised to draw up a list of things the child will need during their first year of life, as well as how long each of them will be used. It is advisable to arrange the list in order of priority and purchase only the things that are most needed.

It is not necessary to buy a protective cream against cold and bad weather if the baby is born in the summer. It is also advisable to ask relatives, friends and colleagues before making more purchases - perhaps they have things that are no longer needed and you can borrow them.

Avoid spontaneous purchases, talk to a husband or girlfriend who already has a baby, maybe the intended thing is not necessary.

It is also important to understand how much the family is planning to spend on the cage and carefully follow the amount that has already been spent. It is also important to earmark good maternity training courses for both parents - the internet will not help to gain practical knowledge of the baby and everyday life with him.

To avoid unnecessary worries and experiences, shopping should not be left to the last moment - care should be taken that the last month of pregnancy is calm and that a woman can arrange a home for the baby.

Practical advice on how to set up a maternity bag.

One of the most important steps in preparing for a baby is the choice of maternity clinic and obstetrician. Choosing a particular birthplace will also make it easier to arrange the bag - because each place has its own rules to be included, as everything is packed. The young mother needs to take care not only of the baby, but also of herself - the clothing should be comfortable, and it should also enable the baby to feed comfortably. Be sure to take with you bras, changing linen, slippers, socks, as well as hygiene items - packages, shampoo, cosmetics. You can also put a book or a favorite music track in your bag. 

There should also be several clothes for baby, blanket and diapers. The baby's first clothes, which will be worn immediately after arrival in the world, should be packed separately as it will have to be taken in the maternity hall.

If you are planning a family birth, the new dad also needs replacement shoes, comfortable clothes.You can also put something in the bag, such as rusks, some fruit, water.

But remember that homes and a shop from a maternity hospital are usually not very far away, and if you suddenly need to go there will be a chance to go. Staying at a maternity hospital is not a weeks-long journey and certainly no big bags are needed!

God bless you! Your baby and family! You will succeed!