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Who is to blame for relationship problems according to vedic astrology?


This will be an article about the relationship issues from the astrological point of view. In this article you will learn about the true causes of conflicts in relationships.

The first thing to understand - all relationships are karmic. All our partners in this life are the reflection of our consciousness. Our karma is recorded in our consciousness.

What is Karma?

Karma, in a very simplistic words, is a law of cause and effect. Its goal and purpose is to teach a person something. The karma is recorded in human consciousness in the form of fine vibrations. These vibrations are called Sanskarah.

Our era is Kali Yuga

Under the Vedic Counting System, time is divided into eras - Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga.

We live in Kali Yuga, which started at 3102 BCE. 99.9% negative karma is occurring in Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is considered to be a dark time when people's life is the shortest in comparison to other eras. In the same time, in Kali Yuga, the life of a person is the most sophisticated with a variety of events. Through these events negative karma gets overcoming.

The logical question arises - where in the best place where negative karma can occur? Of course - it is relationship.

A person as a teacher to himself

As I wrote before, the human karma is recorded in human consciousness. Human life is a reflection of karma. Everything that takes place in human life is recorded in human consciousness. All that is happening in a person's life is his own need. Even more - this scenario is aligned with the person himself or his soul before birth. Nowadays, this knowledge has already been confirmed by scientific research. If you are interested, I suggest that you read the book "Journey of Souls".

We can say that an event occurs in a life of person just because it has been ordered by himself.

Raaja Yoga says that the other person entering our lives is a mailman who brings us the letter we have written for ourselves.

About relationships

Finally we come to the answers to key issue of the relationship.

If there in my life are some sort of problems with someone else, it means that these problems are caused by our consciousness, our karma. Such negative sanscaras are in the consciousness and they must be realized within a certain period of time. The other person is a teacher. We learn something through his teaching.

For example, many people have serious ego problems. How does it come about? The meaning of the ego - I am conscious of myself, I am. This is the principle. A strong athlete who knows his strength will never take displeasure any wicked person who declares that the athlete is a wimp. Only the one who is not sure who he is, does not know his true worth, will be offended. Problems with ego are usually treated through insults. As long as a person continues to offend, he will be insulted. When a person will learn to understand who he is in reality, there won't be need in esentment. The lesson will be learned.

Relationships are usually between close people. That is why the negative karma here is most pronounced. Because in these relationships, negative karma can make the most powerful impact.

A particularly good lesson is if the relationship is of a sexual nature. Sexual relations are dominated by kundalini energy. Energy of kundalini is tied to previous lives. From past lives usually comes worst karma. These are the unresolved issues that need to be solved in this incarnation.

Answer to the question asked - you can blame your karma. The partner is just the teacher you invited.

What to do to solve karmic problems?

The Vedic tradition answers also this question. The karma can be changed. The main thing to understand is that man is not the center of the universe. The karma is recorded "up there", so changes can only be made "up there".

First you need to understand where exactly the problems are and who rules these problems. After that it is necessary to make Upayas to Devas. These problems can be diagnosed by a professional vedic astrologer.

Good luck in diagnostics and treatment!